Why Does Hair Fall out after Pregnancy

Why Does Hair Fall out after Pregnancy

Women may go through some difficult time after giving birth to a child. That is because of many reasons include sleepless nights to take care of the kids, the hormone fluctuation and they gain more weight. After the child born they do not get any time to take care of themselves as they busy with the kid. A woman cannot take so much time to their regular makeup routine especially for a few days after the child born.

They miss a number of routines that they have done on a regular basis. Because of these, they may experience some differences, one of the differences they experience is postpartum hair loss. When you start experiencing it, within a short it turns the thickness of your hair very thin. To avoid postpartum hair loss, you can take some simple steps to prevent it. This simple step won’t disturb your busy time with your kid.

Reasons behind the hair fall after pregnancy

You might get a doubt what is the reason for hair fall. The main reason for the hair fall at the time is hormones rising. If a woman is experiencing hair loss after the pregnancy for a few weeks then that is defined in the word postpartum hair loss. The hair fall completely differs for each woman based on their biological structure and hormones. If they start experiencing hair fall it may extend from three months to six months after the child born.

Postpartum hair loss

Do not worry about the hair fall, as it is not indicating any problem. It is only because of the changing state to the normal from the pregnancy state. At the time of pregnancy, your hormone level will be increased and after pregnancy, it will be reduced to the normal state. The higher level of hormones helps your hair to stay strong with high thickness. The thickness and strength of your hair are only because of the increased level of hormones. Once the hormones get reduced the strength of your hair also reduces and that results in hair fall. Sometimes a woman can experience consistent hair fall at a time. This is also the same problem, there is no need of worrying about it as it has some steps to get rid of this.

Make sure that a woman is taking the food items to contain vitamins and nutrients. These make them always healthy and strong, with that your hair gets strong otherwise it may result in loss of hair. Not only vitamin deficiencies make your hair fall and also iron deficiency results in hair fall. So it is always better to take the food items with iron sometimes the hair fall after pregnancy may the symptoms of postpartum thyroiditis disease. Not in all cases it leads to postpartum thyroiditis only in some cases, even consult a doctor once that will give you some relief about the hair fall. Do not take tablets for hair fall without consulting a doctor.

Some of the shampoos to get rid of hair fall

If the hair fall is due to the level of changing hormones then you can buy any shampoo for postpartum hair loss and it will help you in reducing the hair fall. You can use any of these following products without doubts as these products are designed especially for the woman who becomes a new mom.

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge

It contains caffeine which is a primary ingredient specially designed for formulating reverse the loss of hair. The ingredient used in Ultrax Labs Hair Surge shampoo helps not only preventing hair fall and also helps in hair growth.

Avalon Organics Thickening Shampoo

The shampoo is made of organic ingredients so you no need to worry about any harm. When you use it helps rejuvenate scalp for thick hair. This shampoo is formulated with some vitamins and proteins that help you to strengthen your hair. In this shampoo, they have not used harmful chemicals like synthetic colors, parabens, and fragrances. If you are looking for an organic shampoo then it is a good choice.

PuraD’or Anti-Thinning Shampoo

This shampoo is completely extracted from plants and it is a natural preservative shampoo. The bio-based PuraD’or Anti-Thinning Shampoo helps in promoting the hair of growth. The biotin present in the shampoo makes your hair stronger and also helps in boosting blood circulation.

PHYTOCYANE Densifying Shampoo

It gives you a refreshing smell as they include scent in it. This shampoo is paraben-free. With the help of phytocyane, your hair gets thicker and stronger. In this phytocyane Densifying Shampoo, they have used cinchona bark and Gingko Biloba. These ingredients help in fighting free radicals and protect the hair from damages.

Marc Anthony Volumizing Collagen Bamboo Shampoo

The formula used in this shampoo expands you each hair strand when you cleaning your head. It changes the weak and fine tresses hair into a strong and healthy hair. When you use it your hair gets fuller and thicker as they have used silica, biotin, and bamboo in the Marc Anthony Volumizing Collagen Bamboo Shampoo. It is really worth for the money you spent. With a less amount of shampoos, it lathers well. The fragrance used in it smells great.

Veta Hair Stimulating Shampoo

It is specially made and formulated for the new moms who are experiencing postpartum hair loss. It is really effective when you use it for hair loss. To get the stronger and thicker hair you can prefer Veta Hair Stimulating Shampoo as they used Follicusan and Trichogen, these two have proven as hair growth compounds. Similar to some shampoos it is also free from phthalates, sulfate, and paraben.

NourisheBeaute Hair Growth Shampoo + Conditioner

It has formulated based on the hair restoration ingredients that help the new mom’s hair to grow stronger and thicker from thin and hair fall. If you are looking for conditioner as well then it could be the best option that too they have used natural ingredients. The natural ingredients go through the roots of the hair and make it stronger, thicker and healthier. Those who are expecting shampoo and conditioner, they can prefer NourisheBeaute Hair Growth Shampoo + Conditioner.

These shampoos are some of the best picks that too specially designed on the basis of a new mom can use. Choose the best shampoo for postpartum hair loss, which you are liked to use.