Hair Loss Options When Natural Treatments Fail

Hair Loss Options When Natural Treatments Fail

Leaving natural topical treatments aside, there are a couple of approved pharmaceutical drugs that are approved for treating baldness. Some revolutionary and extremely effective at-home treatments can be found by clicking here.


This was originally a blood pressure medication. It opens up the blood vessels and thus reduces the blood pressure.

However, many men who took it found that their hair loss stopped and they were also able to grow back hair on bald spots.

Although other blood pressure medications don’t have the same effect, we can theorise that the opening of the blood vessels helps the hair follicles get back the nutrition that they have lost access to over the years which originally caused the baldness.

It is available as a topical liquid or foam, usually in a 5% concentration, that is rubbed into the scalp.

Common side effects are itchy scalp and dandruff. Rarely there can be allergic reactions. It is highly toxic to cats.


Finasteride was originally created as a treatment for enlarged prostates and then for prostate cancer. It does this by eliminating a hormone byproduct called DHT that is implicated. However, DHT is also a factor in male pattern baldness so, once more, many men taking finasteride were amazed to find that their hair loss stopped.

It comes in a pill form that is taken daily.

Some side effects that are seen in more than 1 in 100 men include erectile dysfunction and male breast development.

It can cause birth defects in babies so if you are living with a woman then you may wish to reconsider having it around the house.

When natural remedies and even medication fails, there are other at-home options that require no pain or surgery yet are still extremely effective for most hair loss cases, and more info can be obtained by clicking here.